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PostSubject: Site Shop   Site Shop Icon_minitimeThu Dec 21, 2017 7:27 pm

Hello, and welcome to the site shop! This where you can spend your coins on site things. Before we get into this, though, a few things.

  • Coins can only be used on this site and aren't transferable.
  • For character slots: you start off with 10, and after 10, you must buy more.
  • Mystery boxes can be positive or negative. If it is negative, don't whine about it, please.
  • You can sell your items for 100% of the original price to the site shop if you've owned it less than an hour. You can sell back your items for 75% of the original price to the site shop after having it for more than an hour.

  • Name change: 50 coins
  • Mystery box: 200 coins note: not available yet
  • Exotic pet: 500 coins
  • Character slot: 1000 coins
  • Quest: 800 coins
  • Gift from godly parent/relation: 2000 coins
  • Visit from god parent: 2000 coins
  • Legacy of a Big Three/major god: 10,000 coins
  • Big Three child: 30,000 coins
  • Immortal: 50,000 coins

Note: Admin/Staff Privileges
Since this can go under any of the rules/site shop/character form, I decided to put it here. Please note that administrators and moderators may have special privileges not available to regular members. Admins have unlimited character slots, and can get other things for free in moderation. If this power is being abused, please bring it up via PM so the issue can be resolved. Admins may use their self-earned coins to buy things for other members, or mystery boxes for themselves. Moderators will receive coins each month for their time, and will have special perks like seniority rewards.
Moderator Seniority Rewards

  • First month as a mod: 500 coins
  • 2nd month: 750 coins and a mystery box
  • 3rd month: 1000 coins and a free character slot
  • 4th month: 1500 coins and an exotic pet
  • 5th month: 2000 coins and a free gift from god parent/relation
  • 6th month: shoutout, 2500 coins, three character slots

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Site Shop
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