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 Catherine Walker

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Cassandra Valance
Cassandra Valance

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PostSubject: Catherine Walker   Catherine Walker Icon_minitimeThu Jan 04, 2018 11:38 am

Name: Catherine Walker

Age: 16

Gender: F

Sexuality: Hetero

Faceclaim (if there is one): None (have never been able to find one)

Country of Origin: United States of America

Place of Birth: The Underworld

Race/skin color: Caucasian; fair complexion

Hair color: Dirty blonde (curly)

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm)

Weight: 134 lbs.

Body type: Athletic; hourglass shape

Mortal Parent: Damian Walker (father)

God Parent: Lethe, Greek goddess of forgetfulness and oblivion and personification of the River Lethe (mother)

Powers (things that use energy): Catherine can cause a character to forget something for six posts with a one post activation and a three post cool-down, but she can reverse this before the deadline without any expense of excess energy. She can cause a character to have temporary amnesia for four posts with a one post activation and a ten post cool-down, but she can reverse this before the deadline without any expense of excess energy. She can cause a character to permanently forget something once per topic and can't restore the memory in the same topic (said character's owner has to agree to this before it can actually happen; I'm not going to just go around wiping everyone's memories, as tempting as it may be).

Abilities (things that don't use energy): Can call upon literally any memory from her subconscious or push one away.

Personality: Catherine is a very intelligent girl who likes to socialize with people who share the same interests as her. She trusts very easily, but once you betray her trust, it is nearly impossible to earn it again. She likes to joke around and laugh and won't easily get offended if you direct the laughter at her. However, though she's pretty easy-going and carefree, she is very protective of her friends and will stand by them no matter what. She won't shrink away from a battle, though she may try to negotiate another path other than violence.

Talents: Sword fighting, drawing bridges (specifically bridges), cheating at Monopoly, and sitting still when it is required.

Flaws (at least three): Too trusting, sometimes acts in a narcissistic manner, holds grudges, often oblivious of other people's feelings.

Weapon (Celestial Bronze): Celestial bronze kopis and shield

History (at least five sentences): Sometime after Catherine was born in the Underworld, her mother, the goddess Lethe, left her in her mortal father's care. For most of her life, she lived without knowing of her heritage or of the otherworldly dangers she would one day have to face. Then a hellhound invaded her school's gym during a basketball game. Then a man with horns came out of nowhere and scared it off, and she learned that yes, the Greek gods were real, yes, one of them was her mother, and no, they probably weren't going to help her out in life. After hearing about the camp the "satyr" said many just like her resided, Catherine accepted his proposal to take her to Camp Half-Blood.

Notes: Catherine is allergic to shellfish.[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Catherine Walker   Catherine Walker Icon_minitimeSat Jan 06, 2018 4:10 pm


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Catherine Walker
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