Demigod Legends
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 Optio bunk

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PostSubject: Optio bunk   Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:28 pm

Disaster, tornado zone, random. These were some of the adjectives that described this particular bunk. Messier than ever, this bunk belonged to the one of two and only optio of the first cohort. Rick had never been more messier than in his own bunk. It was where he could officially unpack his busy life. Despite all this, he made sure that the mess would never get into the borders of other bunks. The first cohort was not a joke. They were known to be the disciplined cabin, and he could not afford to be kicked out in any way.

Yoki Heath - daughter of Arcus - 4th cohort centurion
Rick Booth - son of Apollo - 1st cohort optio
Kahil Lal - son of Athena
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Optio bunk
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