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 Spook Spook

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Ghost Belle

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PostSubject: Spook Spook   Spook Spook Icon_minitimeFri Dec 29, 2017 8:56 pm


I am Ghost Belle! I am here to haunt those who have betrayed me! Those who cast me aside! I WILL BE AVENGED!

I want all your money, all your passwords, all your souls and, well that's about it.

I'm joking, I was sent a message about someone saying I was dead in cbox so here I am jerking around. I'm probably going to delete this count very soon. So xD

Y'all have a decent life, but if you ever want to see me I will be on my own site Legends of Fate! So if you even want to pop by for a chat do so! If you need direction Sarenrae should be able to help.

Anyways toodle doo!
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Spook Spook
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