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 brayan annie reyes

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PostSubject: brayan annie reyes   brayan annie reyes Icon_minitimeFri Dec 29, 2017 4:13 pm

brayan annie reyes Tumblr_p1dhy2xTWm1t735z7o3_250brayan annie reyes Tumblr_p1dhy2xTWm1t735z7o4_250brayan annie reyes Tumblr_p1dhy2xTWm1t735z7o6_250

Name: Brayan Annie Reyes
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
FC: Grant Gustin

Country of Origin: Peru
Place of Birth: Paracas, Peru
Race: Caucasian
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 170 lbs
Body Type: Skinny

Legacy of: Morta, goddess of death
God Parent: Minerva, goddess of wisdom and commerce
Mortal Parent: Tyson Reyes

Personality: Brayan can be described by one word: extra. He is very loud and clumsy and out there. Brayan is a genius, but he isn’t always great at communicating that. He has a tendency of talking to fast and stumbling over his words. Brayan is also perpetually late. He is a true-blue Ravenclaw. Brayan is very into stories, language, and archeology. He is very good at living in the past.
>>Speaks/ can read/ can write 11 languages fluently. He can speak Spanish, Quechua, Greek, Latin, English, Italian, French, Gaelic, German, Russian, and Polish.
>>Great cook.
>>Brayan is far too trusting of people and situations.
>>Brayan is easily confused by humans.
>>Brayan is argumentative.
>>Brayan has asthma.
>>Brayan wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Weapon: IG Standard Sword
>>Retains information simply
>>Photographic memory
>> Brayan has the ability to translate any written language to Italian. He can only do it when he is reading it, though. This ability led to his love of languages, and now has fully learned 10 and is learning more.
>>Can sense when a mortal or half-blood that they know has died
>>Can sense death in a half mile area of any creature, including seeing fossils and skeletons below the surface
Powers: None

History: Brayan was born and raised in Paracas, Peru. His father, Tyson Reyes, was the head of a major archaeology firm. He had Brayan obsessed at a young age. When Brayan was just a little kid, his idea of a fun weekend was digging holes in the backyard to see what he could find. As he got older, they started to go to ancient Incan sites. Brayan had a couple of close friends, but wasn't bothered by not being popular. He cared more about learning about the history and the dead than those alive. Randomly speaking Latin doesn't help much with making friends, anyway. The only "cool" thing that Brayan liked doing was playing soccer. Brayan moved to CJ at 12.
Cohort: Second
Notes: None

brayan annie reyes Tumblr_p1dhy2xTWm1t735z7o8_250brayan annie reyes Tumblr_p1dhy2xTWm1t735z7o2_250brayan annie reyes Tumblr_p1dhy2xTWm1t735z7o7_250

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PostSubject: Re: brayan annie reyes   brayan annie reyes Icon_minitimeFri Dec 29, 2017 6:14 pm

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brayan annie reyes
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