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 Sleep Song

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PostSubject: Sleep Song   Sleep Song Icon_minitimeFri Dec 29, 2017 2:01 am

Sleep Song Tumblr_nbhparnQb21qbxvrso5_250

Name: Blaise Sterling Gibson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, homoromantic
Faceclaim (if there is one): Donald Glover

Country of Origin: United States of America
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illionis
Race/skin color: African American/ Teakwood
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158 lbs
Body type: Athletic

Mortal Parent: Michelle Gibson
God Parent: Somnus, Roman god of sleep. Unlike his Greek form, Hypnos, who's lazy as far as gods go, Somnus has been known to kill those who have fallen asleep at their post.
Powers (things that use energy):
Astral Projection: When Blaise is asleep, he can astral-project himself into a person’s dreams for five posts with a six post cool down. While he is projected into someone’s dreams, he is able to retrieve memories, change his appearance, alter memories, and get information about
Lull: Blaise has the power to lull someone to sleep. Either by playing his violin or sleepy humming, This can affect three people at a time and takes two posts to perform to make someone to fall asleep. People can avoid this power by simply covering their ears. He’ll need a five post cool down in between. The person/monsters stays asleep for three posts.
Abilities (things that don't use energy):
Sleep Aura- Blaise radiates a two foot radius that causes anyone inside of it to feel tired or awakened.

Personality: Blaise is one of the most attentive person you'll ever run into. He's always on high alert even when he does need to be. He's known as the best night tunnel guard in camp and messenger for Camp Jupiter. He feels as if people underestimate him because of his father being the son of the god of sleep. While asleep, Blaise gathers information from other people’s dreams. Since he isn’t a son of Morpheus, specially, he can’t alter or change the dreams, but he can observe them. Blaise’s personality is mostly calm and rarely gets upset. He has a photographic memory and is able to give details on any given day. This son of Somnus is homosexual and only romanticizes males. Blaise may like sleep a little bit too much. At times when real life gets too stressful, Blaise will go to sleep just to escape reality. He has very few friends, but to him, that's okay. As long as he's able to get some favors here and there.
Talents: Playing the violin, singing, being super aware, and listening to people
Flaws (at least three): Sometimes doesn't sleep for days, allergic to strawberries, and has a scar across his collarbone.
Weapon (Imperial Gold): Gladius, pugio, and shield.

History (at least five sentences): Born to the Roman god of sleep, Somnus and the mortal woman, Michelle, Blaise came into the world on January 19th, 1999. Michelle met Somnus while working the night shift at one of her two jobs in Chicago. After several rounds of drinks, the two conceived their love child. Somnus stayed around for a couple of weeks before leaving her. However, before he left, he explained and demonstrated who he was and told her that when he becomes older, someone will send for him and take him away. Michelle, though shaken, agreed.

Years later, Blaise was taken by the wolves of Lupa and led to the House of Lupa. He trained there for six months before going to Camp Jupiter.
Cohort (if Roman): 4th
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PostSubject: Re: Sleep Song   Sleep Song Icon_minitimeFri Dec 29, 2017 12:29 pm


Carter Virgo, son of Mars, legacy of Volturnus~17 (1st Cohort Centurion)
Jason Sungo, son of Hecate~17
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Sleep Song
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