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 Morgana Freya O'Kearney

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PostSubject: Morgana Freya O'Kearney   Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:45 pm

Name: Morgana (Celtic: “Dweller of the sea”) Freya O’Kearney
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 2nd, 2001
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
FC: Sabrina Carpenter

Country of Origin: Ireland
Place of Birth: Carraroe, County of Galway, Ireland. Carraroe is in the strong Irish-speaking region in Ireland.
Race: Caucasian
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Height: 5’0’’ (152 cm)
Weight: 102 lbs (46 kg)
Body Type: Athletic Slim

God Parent: Apollo (Greek)
Mortal Parent: Freya O’Kearney

Personality: Morgana’s personality mirrors her dancing: flowy and beautiful. Morgana is one of the kindest and fiercely loyal friend. She is the calming power in her twin brother’s life. She is unassumingly physically beautiful, but she doesn’t think much about that, except when people get lost in her shocking blue eyes. Morgana is a Hufflepuff. The daughter of Apollo does have a bit of a fierce streak though, especially when she or someone close to her, especially Aidan, is offended.
>>Protecting/ Healing
>>Competitive, especially with dance
>>Very much needs her glasses/ contacts

Weapon: CB Dagger, twin to her brother’s. Hers has a silver hilt with a piece of Connemara Marble, Ireland’s National Gemstone, set in it.
>>Compelling Speech
>>Connects Easily to Music
>> Morgana has Vitakinesis to the extent where she can sense what is wrong with people. Her Vitakinesis also makes it easier for him to learn medical knowledge, which she has studied extensively. Morgana's abilities aren't extremely limited in a sense, but she still isn't great with them. When she uses it back to back, she starts to get confused and mix things up. She can only use them once every four posts before she starts to get flustered and confused.

History: Morgana was born and raised in Carraroe, Ireland, 15 minutes after her twin brother, Aidan. She grew up learning English in school, but primarily speaking Irish, as most people in her region did. Aidan and Morgana were put into dance when they were very young. As children of Apollo, they had a way of connecting to music that made them stand out dancers at a young age. Their mother, Freya, recognized their skill, and put them in as much dance and gymnastics as possible. Morgana thrived at dance and absolutely loves it. Even when Aidan quit for a short time, she stuck with it. Morgana was always very well liked, but she wasn’t quite aware of it. She didn’t think she was hated, but she didn’t understand the extent of her popularity. Morgana was good at being popular, but she didn’t thrive on it or manipulate it like her brother. At the end of primary school, Morgana and Aidan left Ireland for camp, where her popularity continued.
Notes: Fluent in both Irish and English

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PostSubject: Re: Morgana Freya O'Kearney   Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:55 pm


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Morgana Freya O'Kearney
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