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Site News and Updates
On a weekly basis, an admin will post an admin news, letting our members know what's going on and what may be happening in the future. This will be every weekend. This is basically what's going on out of character.

Gossip Section
This is what's going on in character. Basically, this is going to be a list of the little plots going on in camps ("the gossip"). I will write the first few of these, but then hire someone to take over. This section will include relationships and such. This is my way of encouraging you to use this gossip/camp news within your RPing. It's really cool when you connect all the smaller things going on within the site, and it gives it the RP a more realistic feel instead of talking about random NPCs breaking up or fighting or whatever. Let's be honest here: everyone gossips, especially teenagers, so this is a way to just have a good time and connect our RPing community together.
-Character A and Character B are rumored to be breaking up. More on this next week.
-Character C and D got into a fight in the cabin courtyard. It is rumored they are going to be punished by Chiron.
I/whoever takes over will also write this on a weekly basis.
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