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 Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite

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Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite Empty
PostSubject: Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite   Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitimeSat Dec 23, 2017 10:48 pm

Name: Cherry Ashlynn Bliss Crews
Age: 15
Gender: F
Eyes: Hazel Eyes
Hair: Brownish Blonde hair
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Slim, Athletic
Skin Color: Caucasian
Playby: Stefanie Scott
Accent: Irish
God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Alan Crews
Country of Origin: USA (Hollywood, CA)
Pets: None
Talents: Gymnastics, Various Forms of Self Defense, Singing
Weapon**: Dagger and Sword, Celestial Bronze. Takes the form of bracelets.
Personality: Loyal, occasionally a bit timid. She has a big heart, and likes to help others. Very down to Earth for a girl who is very rich.
She doesn't really spend a lot of money ever, but she will give it freely to those in need, at times.
Flaws: Meddlesome, Rebellious, Soft-hearted
Abilities: Fluent in French and Irish, good with fashion and jewelery and make up.
At times, people seem to be at ease around her when she is speaking to them. They won't do anything they're told, but they feel more at ease. Sometimes she can kind of "see" how a relationship between two people is doing, and has described it as like seeing an Aura. Also, for some reason, she knows exactly where the Nearest Mall is and what size clothes you wear
Powers: Charmspeak (Limited Edition)
Life Before Camp*: Born to Irish-American former Teen Model, now Adult actor Alan Crews and Aphrodite, Cherry was a welcome bundle of joy to Alan's rather lonely life. Between Film and TV Roles (mostly the Bad Guy or the Big Bad Guy), he did his best to raise her, and eventually hired a young Irish girl (only a few years younger than him) to care for Cherry while he was away. The two eventually married a few years later, and Cherry was raised learning Irish and adopted the accent of her Stepmother, who she always thought was her Mother. As a young Girl, Cherry was athletic, and did Gymnastics and Martial Arts, since her parents felt she should be able to defend herself. Also, it was the Generation of "Girls can do it Do", and they wanted her to be a Proud Girl. From an early age, Cherry was fascinated by Greek Mythology, and loved hearing stories and watching tv about it. She always identified with 3 Greek Goddesses: Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hera. She wears a Dove Necklace, Peacock Feather earrings, and a pair of rings with the symbol of Artemis. She was also fascinated by the WWE and UFC, and watched those on occasion. Shortly after her 10th birthday, she was out at Mall with friends browsing some stores. As they were heading for the bus stop, they were attacked by a Cyclop, who had smelled her scent. She ran towards the Cyclops, and rolled under it, using charmspeak on it while continuing to run in order to draw it's attention away from her friends. The Cyclops gave chase, and eventually cornered her in an alley. If not for two wandering Demigods, she would have died. They rescued her, and took her to Camp Half-Blood, where she has stayed year-round (with occasional visits home). Since then, she has grown into an attractive young girl, who still stays physically fit. She can hold her own in Armed combat and in hand-to-hand combat. She prefers to go by Ashlynn, allowing only her Father, Mother, Stepmother, and Cousins to call her Cherry.

Any notes about your characters: Claimed by her Mother at the Campfire the Day of her
Arrival 5 years ago. Promptly passed out due to being stunned
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Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite   Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitimeSun Dec 24, 2017 12:37 am


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Ashlynn Crews, Daughter of Aphrodite
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