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 "She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says."

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"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." Empty
PostSubject: "She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says."   "She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." Icon_minitimeThu Feb 15, 2018 2:22 pm

"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." 200w"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." 200w"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." 200w"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." 200w

Name: Name: My name is Evangaline Jasper Clark. Evangaline means good news, or the bringer of good news in Greek. I got this part of my name from my Great-great Grandmother. Jasper is a part that my father threw in there because he simply liked it and well, Clark was naturally my last name. I do have nicknames, however and these can include: E, Eve, Evie and maybe Rose.

Age: Eighteen. I was born August 30th.

Gender: Cis Female. (She/her pronouns)

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Faceclaim: Avril Lavigne

Country of Origin: USA

Place of Birth: Goolwa, Australia.

Race/skin color: Caucasian.

Hair color: It’s blonde, but I love putting brightly colored streaks in it.

Eye color: Blue-ish grey

Height: Five feet, two inches.

Weight: 112 pounds.

Body type: Thin hourglass.

Father: My mortal parent was Daniel Clark. The reason I say was is the fact that he is deceased. While he was alive, we were close and he pursued his carer as a director. He died in a fatal car crash when I was 12.
Step/Foster mother: I was sent to live with my foster/step mother after my father died. She's a lady that never really cared for me, but did allow me to live with her.
Siblings: Living in the Group home I have had many so called siblings. However, I will tell you about a few of them. My favorite sister is a girl currently 12 years of age named Alice. She's the sweetest little thing and I have been taking care of here since she came to the home at the age of 8 and I was 13. I have a older brother who just aged out of the foster system at the age of 19. His name is Keith.
Pets: I have a 4 year old female black Great Dane. Her name is Tempest. I also own a adorable 2 year old cat that is white with black paws and ears. Her name is Catnip.

God Parent: Venus

Powers: None.

Abilities: None.

Personality: Woah. Okay, prepare for a earful, mate. There's three sides to me, the side that everyone gets to see, the side that I have when I'm with my friends and the third side is the b*!@h that you never wish to meet. I'm typically laid back, carefree and am always the one with the snacks. Candy, chips, soda, you name it, it's most likely in my bag. You can usually find me at the local raging party for the night, considering as I love them. Me and my friends have a special relationship. We goof of all the time, we have our inside jokes that no one else gets and there is always our "spot" out in town. I'm a street artist. Sure go ahead and call me a vandal, that just makes me feel like I have more power. I typically am a night-owl, meaning I stay up pretty much all night. I'm not a charm speaker, I just have the ability to get what I want at most times. I can skate-board pretty well, so just don't say anything about that. That's a secret that I have between me and my friends. If you like me, good. Perhaps we could get to know each other better. If you don't like me, well that's not my problem and I think it's best if we just go our separate ways. However, everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. Oh, and one more thing. I'm the type of girl you always see hanging out with the guys. That's all you need to know for the moment, mate.

Talents:∞Singing~ I sing a bit. Okay, a lot. And in front of people.
∞Cooking~Strange as it seems, I can cook pretty well. I learned this in the group home because well.. Maria sucks at it.
∞Sword fighting- I've always seemed to have a knack for this and I'm actually pretty good at it.
∞Playing Instruments~ I'm what you would call the virtuoso or Musically inclined.  I play the Bass and electric guitar, violin, and flute, though the electric guitar is my favorite.
∞Acting~ Up until the time of my father's death, he was training me I guess you could say to be a actress once I was older. After his death, I continued my training with his best friend and a man that I considered my uncle, Chad.

∞I am overly blunt. If I see something wrong with you appearance, I'll point it out, no questions asked.
∞I live life with pretty much no regrets. I suppose you could say.. I have pretty much no conscience when it comes to horrible things that I have done.
∞I am VERY hot headed. I always jump to defend myself and I'm always on edge to fight at any moment. Well, maybe except for when I'm sleeping.
∞I am super impatient. Forget long lines. And if we agreed on a time and place to meat, you better either be there before me, of be there on the time we agreed.
∞I am overprotective of my things, animals and loved ones. Hurt them, I hurt you. Got it?

Weapon: I fight with a sword. It has a slightly curved blade and the hilt is made of iron. It was made for me by a son of Vulcan as a welcome present when I first came to camp.

History:My father, Daniel, met Venus at a party at which he was celebrating the opening of his first movie on a trip to the USA. They hit it off instantly, and one thing led to another. Bada bing, bada boom; I was born. Luckily, my father stayed in contact with Venus throughout her pregnancy, but they lost contact as soon as I was born. That part isn;t so lucky, but you get my drift, mate.

I  was born in Goolwa, South Australia. It's a city near the beach. This is the place that I lived until the age of 3, my father moving me and his-self to the USA. Here he had a friend that he had been Skyping and Emailing back and forth from Australia in order to produce the movies. I later came to know this man to be "Uncle" Chad.  However, the reason for moving was convenience. My father raised me by his-self and loved me dearly. When i turned the age of 5, my father and Chad both started to train me to grow up and be a actress. These things interested me, as well as dancing and playing the instruments. Sometimes on the sets I would play dress-up with the crew and practice dance moves and songs that I heard and seen on the set.  
       Then came the devastating age of 12. It was devastating for me considering that fact that 4 month's after my birthday my father and Chad were in the car together. My father was the driver and was killed on impact when they slammed into a tree, totaling the car. Chad was in a come for the next 5 months. One person that was currently starring in one of my father's movies and was a close friend managed to collect his possessions at the time. Knowing how much his class ring would mean to me, she gave it to me. While Chad was in a coma and had no say so over what happened to me, I was placed in a group home where I quickly met my favorite foster brother and sister, Alice and Keith. I simply hated my so called foster mother. She never cared for me, and I returned the feeling.
      At the age of 13, I was currently looking for something to do in my free time and I heard a few kids at my school had this place down town were they skated. This place actually turned out to be a abandoned park. At first they didn't know what to think of my being there or how to go about saying hello because I usually kept to myself at school except for arguing and getting into fights with people. It took us a few weeks to actually get used to each other, but we eventually all became friends. I have lost some contact with them since coming to camp, but I always keep them in mind.
    When I was 13 1/2 , I seen a large dog like creature digging in the trash cans in the back yard of my group home. My plan was to scare it away, and to make it stop. As I walked closer, it ran off. I felt compelled to follow, and so I did. That’s when I heard the wolf speak inside my mind. I was frightened at first, but the more I listened, the more I believed.  I followed the wolf to Lupa’s home, where I trained for a total of five long, exhausting months until  I could prove myself a worthy citizen of Rome.

Cohort (if Roman): Proud member of the Fifth.

Notes: -None.
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"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." Empty
PostSubject: Re: "She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says."   "She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says." Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2018 12:22 pm


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"She's got a wicked sense of humor, can't believe what she says."
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