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 Of DemiGods and Tide Pods (Open)

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Of DemiGods and Tide Pods (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Of DemiGods and Tide Pods (Open)   Of DemiGods and Tide Pods (Open) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 03, 2018 7:07 pm

Ashlynn was not amused. What had apparently started off as some idiotic Demi-God challenge had found it's way into the Mortal World, where things were a lot worse for Mortals. Sure, to a degree, the idea was a bit funny... But it was a lot more dangerous for mortals than it was for them, so... she was pretty irritated.

"Why in Hades did you think it would be a brilliant idea to eat a detergent pod and post it as a challenge on the internet? We all know how stupidly impressionistic Mortal Kids are! Now they're out there, emulating you idiots, and going to hospitals, nearly dying. Your parents are most assuredly ashamed of you! This isn't a laughing matter, yet I see you idiots laughing about it."

She paced for a bit.

"Maybe a few months of hard labor will make you rethink before you try anything stupid like this again. Got it?"
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Of DemiGods and Tide Pods (Open)
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