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 The awkward couple invade the lake

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PostSubject: The awkward couple invade the lake   Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:21 am

Rhyolo was holding cat's hand as they walked to the beach together.  He in smiled to her as he squeezed her hand a bit.  "This should be fun. " he didn't know if he was supposed to say anything at this point but he felt happy so he really didn't mind the silence. Though that didn't mean he wanted to hear her voice.

Rhyolo Ruby/15/pyriphlegethon
Rex/Pet Dragon

Gu Da Long-Sans/16/thantos
Niko Pyrrh/17/son of mars-legacy of Vulcan/3rd Cohort centurion
Alexandra Sanders(twin)/17/Apollo(greek)
Mylo Ruby/16/Aeolus
Kase Stryton/17/Athena

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The awkward couple invade the lake
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