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 First character.

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PostSubject: First character.   First character. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 11, 2018 7:11 am

Name: Tanxing (pronounced Tahn-Shing) "Clyde" Yen
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 07/20/1998
Gender: M, Straight
Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: He has a tapered shadow fade running down his sides, the lower halves are skin tight. On top, he keeps it slightly longer than average length.
Height: 6'1, 73 inches
Body Type: Slim, slender
Skin Color: Fair, light
God Parent: Hermes
Mortal Parent: Sue-Yi Yen
Country of Origin: United States of America
Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hometown: Chinatown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pets: None, yet
Talents: Though he wouldn't admit it, Clyde is a sort of musician. In his free time, Clyde enjoys writing rap verses, sometimes allowing himself to freestyle given the luxury of privacy. Just as well, he's an exceptional beat-boxer and can replicate a multitude of sounds with his diaphragm. Ultimately, this has led him to be a comically good voice impersonator. As the son of the god of travel and trade, he is proficient in picking up languages and dialects fairly quickly. Furthermore, he has a knack for very basic illusion magic tricks.
Race: East Asian
Ethnicity: Chinese
Accent: Mostly Midwestern, though occasionally he'll slip a Canadian "eh" or pronunciation of a word.
Weapon**: Not wishing to be held down by heavier weapons, Clyde carries a celestial bronze dagger.
Appearance: For an Asian, Clyde is actually exceptionally tall. While most people of his race stand below 6 feet, Clyde is 6 feet and 1 inch. He has a rather gaunt appearance. Furthermore, living in the Great White North made his pigment rather pale. A stranger might describe him as "sickly-looking".

His rather slim figure is shrouded by his favoritism to layering his clothes. Living in Canada drew him to wear relatively long parka coats with hoodies underneath. Living in a rather large metropolitan area drew him to certain elements of modern fashion. This carved his fashion tastes to a certain style and look. Still, Clyde is mostly a minimalist, however, and just "wears what he likes". While people might consider him fashion-savvy, he just dresses like the environment that raised him.

Personality: Tanxing is soft-spoken, first-time observers might even say shy. He's more quiet than he is shy, however. Unless he feels the situation is necessary, he doesn't open his mouth in tirades. In short, he doesn't speak unless spoken to. And when he does open up, he usually feels it's important. Rather, he prefers to observe and and listen.

Admittedly, Clyde is an introvert and keeps his true circle of trust relatively small. Still, this doesn't mean that Clyde is anti-social; he certainly finds himself friends and a wide net of acquaintances. Yet, this is due to the fact that "they find him", rather than him seeking out others.

Since Clyde is always observing and thinking, he's quite introspective. Those who know Clive will say he's an incredible listener and possesses great empathy. Often times, he'll find himself asking questions about his identity, an issue that stems from his lack of a father figure. One of his favorite topics to ponder is existentialism, though he hardly brings this up with any other company.

As a son of the thief god, he is also naturally curious. An eager learner, he is always trying to uncover new mysteries or secrets. You can find him investigating or snooping around every building he enters (however evident that may be).

The son of Hermes also has an artistic side. He's a fan of most genres of music, country music being the gargantuan exception. Most specifically, he's found himself immersed in hip-hop. For Clive, he feels that it's the best outlet for him; whether it's in writing his own verses or dancing.

In addition to being a great listener, many find Clyde to be easy-going. He's able to find humor in many situations, as well as the first one to laugh at someone's joke. His smile or other facial expression says all of the words that he does not.

Flaws: Since he is somewhat soft-spoken, he's not a great communicator. Furthermore, this causes him to avert confrontation, even when confrontation may be necessary. He's not great at raising an issue, and poor at de-escalating a conflict. If anyone was born to be a diplomat, it certainly is not Clyde.

All of this introspection also makes one insecure. Clyde is no exception. Constantly, he find himself evaluating his worth. Such self-envy causes him to not talk about himself.

Addiction is probably the largest Achilles heel of Clyde. He becomes compulsive in his bad habits. It honestly becomes quite annoying to even his close friends.

Besides the usual demigod flaws such as ADHD and dyslexia, he's perhaps naive. As someone who enjoys listening, he finds it difficult to detect when someone is fibbing to him. He is all too impressionable and forgiving.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): He's adept at pick-pocketing, translating (Hermes is the God of trade and crossroads) and increased alertness (roughly 20% moreso than the average demigod) in order to detect traps or guards. Furthermore, he's naturally agile and stealthy.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Invisibility - In order to access this power, Clyde must stand perfectly still and hold his breath. Additionally, if he is touching exactly one person, that person may share this invisibility. That person, however, must also be perfectly still. This usually lasts for up to 35 seconds, with 45 seconds being the absolute maximum. Duration: 1 post. Cooldown: 3 posts

Life Before Camp*: Born Tanxing Yen to a Chinese-immigrant single mother Sue-Yi Yen in Chicago, he had a somewhat busy upbringing. For the majority of his infancy, his mother was working through nursing school in order to provide for the family. During this time, Sue-Yi befriended a man in a position similar to thier's. His name was Daniel Xu, but to Tanxing, he was "Uncle Danny". He, too was a single immigrant parent with a son around the same age. Immediately, Tanxing and Uncle Danny's son, named Tim became friends. Growing up in the Chicago scene, the two gravitated towards the usual hobbies boys like: basketball, rebellious music, cars and cartoons. Tim was a bit more rambunctious than Clyde and often got the two in trouble. Yet, the two were two peas in a pod and Tanxing stood loyal to him.

During the majority of their friendship, Tanxing was able to make friends, in spite of occasional bullying. He would suffer the subtle consequences of racism and stereotypes. Things rarely got out of hand, however, as Tim would clear it up.

When the two were age nine, their friend group found themselves in front of a Best Buy. The store's crown jewel: the new iPhone. Amidst all of the boys fawning, Tim boasted that he would be the first one in their friend group to obtain one. Before he could finish his proclamation, Tanxing walked out of the store with a pearly white device in his hand. What he had was the coveted iPhone, completely unadulterated and totally stolen. Some of the boys threatened to tell security, but Tim said that if anyone squealed, he would personally leave a bruise on their cheek. "Just like Bonnie and Clyde", he christened their duo. And thus, Tanxing became Clyde.

At age 10, Clyde's mother brought the pair to Toronto when the local hospital hired her as a nurse due to a shortage. In fact, this occupation kept her so busy that she rarely was able to see her son after school. During the summer, it was worse. So much so, that Clyde often stayed with Uncle Danny and Tim in Chicago, bouncing around the two midwest cities, often crossing the border.

Then at age 13, Clyde and Tim, under the consent of both of their parents, were sent to a "Summer Basketball Camp" in Long Island, New York. At the airport, they were picked up by a stocky but young teenagers with sunglasses and a bald head. He said his name was Nick, and he was one of the camp counselors. After enduring the New York traffic, they arrived at the remote camp site. Yet, this camp only had one court and only one coach. Before they could both protest, Nick grabbed both of them and dragged them into a large house. As it turns out, this was called the Big House.

In front of them stood a large man, whose lower half looked like a horse. Surely this was all a hallucination. As if reading their minds, the Centaur assured them that it was not. He introduced himself as Chiron and explained the purpose of Camp Half-Blood, Tim and Clyde's origins and the Mist. "No wonder why Uncle Danny and Mom got along so well, they both understood", Clyde said in disbelief. His mother must have moved him from Chicago because he had already been displaying his abilities.
Apparently neither of their parents had the gall to tell them in person and thought it easier for someone else to explain it to them.

Still, the two didn't allow this experience to interrupt their Summer basketball experience. After getting loosely acquainted with their new Hermes cabin-mates they enjoyed pickup basketball games with other campers. It was strange, however. Even though he had been there for less than a day, Clyde felt at home in the Hermes cabin already. His other friend, not so much. During a particularly gritty match against some Ares children, Clyde stealthily stole the ball and gave it to Tim for the winning shot. Afterwards, Tim found himself in a feisty argument over the result. In the midst of all the yelling, a glowing green caduceus appeared above Clyde's head. Of course, it made too much sense for him to be a son of Hermes. Eventually, going to Camp-Half blood in mid-july became a Summer ritual for the boys.

Two years later, Tim awoke the entire Hermes cabin exclaiming that a swan appeared on his face, demanding that whomever played this prank pay up. Instead, Chiron made a late-night visit and declared that he was a son of Enyo, the Greek Goddess of war. Clyde gave him a pat on the back in congratulations, while Tim tried his best to act casual. Still, Clyde could clearly see the joy on Tim, the joy of finally being claimed. Though sad to see his friend leave his neighboring bunk, Clyde was happy that Tim found his place at their sanctuary.

Fast forward to present day and Clyde is one of the more senior campers. He has honed his skills in combat and sleuth, while gradually becoming less shy and a little more sure of himself thanks to his brethren and support group.

RP Example*: The tram's doors violently shook themselves open. Passengers quickly filled the train's cabin and Clyde took note of each and every one of them. Blending in with the crowd, Clyde had been sitting in his seat, listening to the latest Chance the Rapper mixtape, bobbing his head. A sauntering man with an awful fedora stumbled inside last. Bingo. He matched the profile perfectly, this man had to be the target: Dylan Demick.

"Next stop, YVR-Airport, Vancouver, British Columbia", the skytrain PA announced. Perfect, Clyde thought, now I can get his note, and get off on the next stop, steal a plane ticket and make it back to base tomorrow.. He had already rode this route one time due to severely mis-timing his target's tardy arrival. Clyde got up and sloppily trudged through the crowd. He forcefully stumbled into Demick, sheepishly whispering "sorry" as he slipped his hand in the pocket of his overcoat.

It was empty. Crap, the profile said the note would in his left pocket. No matter, Clyde simply rolled around in the mass of people and quickly fished into Demick's right pocket without notice. There it is. It was a tiny envelope delicately wrapped in thin, mint green paper. It had a burgundy seal down the middle. Clyde may have been curious, but he resisted.

"My apologies again!" Clyde exclaimed, nervously, patting Demick on the chest. Honestly, the worst part of this wasn't the stealing, it was the fake interaction.

"Just watch yourself next time", Demick replied sullenly. Clyde nodded and made his way to the front. After five minutes, the Vancouver skytrain came to a stop. As the doors once again burst themselves open, Clyde heaved a sigh of relief. Mission accomplished.

"YVR-Airport, Vancouver, British Columbia" the PA announced.
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